Friday, 23 June 2017

my lambretta alphabet: letter #A

illustrated ABC's of what lambretta world is to me.

a for adventure


adventure is not only the first word of the first letter of this new illustrated alphabet, but also the concept that maybe represents in the best way what lambretta has meant to me, since day 1.
wandering by lambretta is adventurous because the two wheels give you more freedom than any other means of transport. it's also adventurous because you have to take the backroads, the secondary roads (and most of the time these are also the scenic ones). because you have to be aware of the weather. because you won't be 100% sure of how long it's going to take to cover a certain distance (and if she's going to break down - yes, it happens) until you arrive. because you have to travel light. because you have to take your time.


I happened to start shooting on film again just around the same period when we bought the lambretta, and I am sure this is not the only connection between these two. there is vintage nostalgia, of course, and also a taste for slowness, for doing things with a certain mindfulness, if you know what I mean. vespa and lambretta are the "analogue" version of modern scooters, so in my opinion they carry the same values that film photography has, when compared to digital photography. or polaroids versus instagram ;)

picture taken in 2012 spring with lomography Diana F+, featured in the very first post of this blog ♥


being a vintage enthusiast, as you already know, I cannot but love vintage advertising.
an huge poster of the Dolomites, printed for the winter olympics games of 1955 in Cortina d'Ampezzo, has been the first decor article that Marco and I put in our living room. the sofa wasn't even there yet.
lambretta adv had been published in many countries from the fifties to the seventies, and their slogans and classical lines are still iconic for vintage scooter lovers. us included, as we browse every antique markets that we visit for more original pieces to add to our collection!

1. due ruote di felicità - two wheels of happiness (thanks again to Silvia, Stefania and Marina who gave us this original adv beautifully framed as wedding present )
2. a corner of our living room, picture by giuli & giordi
3. and 4. two personal favourites: "una estate felice è una estate in lambretta" / "a happy summer is a lambretta summer"; "scegliete qualunque itinerario" / "choose any route"


  1. Lovely! Looking forward to the next 25 instalments :)

    1. thank you! if you have any suggestion of words to include I am all ears, since you're an expert ;)


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