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where to stay while roadtrippin' in Andalucia: our airbnb guide

charming cottage in Jerez de la Frontera
before our road trip in Andalucia {you can find the itinerary here} I've spent hours browsing Airbnb looking for dreamy cottages, cozy farms, cool yurts, enchanting cave houses (and even a  super cool airstream!)... now that the trip is over, and we had the chance to personally test some of those places, I don't want to waste this precious list of locations, that I think could be useful to someone who is planning a trip to southern Spain. especially if you, like me, are particularly picky when it comes to holiday accommodations,  as I'm usually looking for places I can remember {possibile in a good way!}, not impersonal or banal. 

if you are on my team, I hope you like this small selection: there are pictures and desctipion of 4 airbnbs where we stayed, and, at the end, the full airbnb Andalucia wishlist. 

charming cottage in Jerez de la Frontera - the kitchen

1. charming cottage in Jerez de la Frontera

located just outside Jerez de la Frontera, this andalusian cottage belong to Blanca, and it has been one of the highlights of our road trip. it's cozy, intimate and doesn't lack of personal details.
we did not use the bbq area, but loved the large porch, where we had breakfast {with the fresh bread Blanca's mother brought us every morning} listening to the birds sing and read while sitting on the swinging chairs. 

the pool is perfect to relax after a day spent out exploring Jerez or Cadiz, which are very close and easily reached if you have your own car, or motorcycle like us. another thing that I really appreciated and very rarely found in airbnbs before (but also in hotels): very good bath and personal care products! what a thoughtful touch.

charming cottage in Jerez de la Frontera - pretty details in the bathroom

charming cottage in Jerez de la Frontera - they brought us fresh bread every morning , with a  handwritten note

2. cozy yurt near Otivar

cozy yurt near Otivar, just after sunset
if you're an outdoorsy type, you will appreciate the presence of a few glamping locations in the full wish list. this cozy yurt, in the natural park Sierras de Tejeda, Almijara y Alhama, was the one that matches our itinerary better. 

it is a quiet and cozy camping getaway: we loved to take a shower with a view, to look at the stars at night, to be offline for a few hours. the location feels quite secluded but in a few minutes you can reach the village of Otivàr.

>> airbnb listing

cozy yurt near Otivar - inside

on my way back from the open air toilet , near the  teepee

3. Sacromonte's cave house in Granada

cave houses are typical of Sacromonte neighborhood in Granada
Sacromonte had traditionally been the gipsy neighborhood of Granada, who lived just outside the city walls. it's famous for flamenco and for its casas-cueva, whitewashed cave houses, and has a spectacular view on the Alhambra

we stayed at Raquel's cave house, a charmingly decorated nest, whose cool temperature is a blessing after a few hours outside during the andalusian summer. it has an hammock in the backyard and deck chairs on the roof, perfect for siesta or stars (and Alhambra) watching!

>> airbnb listing

the pretty doors of our cave house in Granada

inside the cave house in Granada

4. ecofriendly b&b in Montecorto

the kitchen and common space of El mulino del Abuelo

El molino del Abuelo is an eco friendly b&b in Montecorto. it's the family home of the brothers Florentino and Raul, who are two hardcore travellers that tried to create a space that, for them, represents the ideal accommodation while travelling. the common space has an homey feeling and it's fully stocked with a suprisingly wide selection of herbal teas {which I appreciated a lot}, while on the roof there is a small pool {which Marco appreciated a lot}, heated with renewable energy, facing the surrounding mountains

El molino del abuelo - bathroom detail

the courtyard of El molino del abuelo  

5. the full wishlist

find the full Airbnb Andalucia wishlist here.

every single house or apartment of this list has been carefully selected by me, with the help of my dear friend Angelita, who visited Andalucia this summer, too, and suggested a few of them herself {very pretty ones}. they're all looking gorgeous for one reason or another, just seeing this list makes me wanna book another trip! 

enjoy your stay and let me know if you have any recommendations to add to the list!

{all pictures taken with Leica d-lux typ 109 and edited with VSCO film}

p.s. don't know if you have noticed, but the blog has a new header! I hope you like it ♥


  1. I wish I could go right now

    1. actually, me too! just looking at that wishlist makes me want to take another trip right away ;)

  2. No vabbè ma che posticini super!!!

    1. Vale ti piacerebbe tantissimo! e hai visto quante casine carine ♥? (e super instagrammabili!)

  3. Oh man, they're all so cute and lovely, and look so homey!

    1. yes! that why I decided to do this post in the first place, I think they deserve to be shared :)

  4. Me gusta il mio nuovo nombre, ma soprattutto las fotos ♥


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