Thursday, 12 October 2017

early autumn alpine weekend in Cortina d'Ampezzo

the pink hues of a Dolomites sunset

we started the new season in our own way, by taking a couple of days by ourselves, to go to the most beautiful town of the Dolomites, our dear Cortina d'Ampezzo

in spite of being quite close to our home, less than 90 kilometers, even when we visit for a day or just an afternoon (it happens), the chilly air and the stunning alpine landscape don't fail to make me feel happier, somehow clearer and recharged. it's mountain magic, nature magic. 

we visited some old spots and tried new ones, starting with a lovely glamping experience at the international camping Olympia, where we rented the cosiest wooden tent.

the blue hour  in Cortina, outside our wooden tent at camping Olympia 

even if the weather had not been always good, we succeeded in checking all the entries of our simple to-do list, which for me is the perfect recipe for a lovely autumn weekend in Cortina, so I have drawn it for you ♥ :
early autumn in Cortina d'Ampezzo: illustrated to-do list

the rain is not a big problem when you have multiple layers and a bright yellow poncho, so nevertheless the bad weather, we were able to enjoy the ride.
taking advantage of a sunny afternoon, we had a picnic and then went for a quick hike, that let me take some nice sunset photographs and draw few mountain sketches. {to choose your hike, there is a very useful hiking map downloadable here}

Dolomites sketches | some of the greatest mountains to see in Cortina   
charming typical house on the road to Cortina 

cheese shopping at Piccolo Brite

picnic at  Piccolo Brite - their panini are the best!
outside Piccolo Brite,  resaurant and cheese shop where it's possible to buy a special picnic basket  with their gourmet products 

Cortina has a charming and posh historical center, and take a walk in the famous corso Italia is mandatory. besides the expensive boutiques, look for antiques and home decor shops, there are some great ones. anyway, our favourite shops in town is a bookstore called Libreria Sovilla, with a cool collection of photographic books, mountain themed books, deluxe editions, great books for kids, and cats!

Fiat Seicento in Cortina town center

the entrance of Libreria Sovilla, with the sign "if I read, I can live more than 7 lives"

vintage sky poster outside Libreria Sovilla

bookstore + cat, one of the best combination ever | libreria Sovilla, Cortina d'Ampezzo

address book

sleeping at... international camping Olympia: ask for the pod, their charming wooden tents. they have pods for 2 or for 4 people. 

picnic at... Piccolo Brite: a restaurant and a gourmet cheese shop, where it's possible to buy homemade cheese or a full picnic basket with their gourmet products
loc. Alverà

shopping at... Libreria Sovilla: cats and good books, what else?

dining at... ristorante El Zoco: if you are sleeping at camping Olympia, this cosy and romantic restaurant is just a few minutes away. highly recommended.
via Cademai,

our lambretta outside the wooden tent at camping Olympia, Cortina d'Ampezzo
view of Col Rosa (I think)
{all pictures taken with Leica d-lux typ 109 and edited with VSCO film}


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