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model: series two 125 Li
engine size: 125 cc
4 speed 
weight: 118 kg 
production dates: october 1959 to november 1961
numbers produced: 47,747 

original models came in a single color, equipped with two saddles seat.


how old is her?
she was built in 1960 by Innocenti

has she been into your family since then?
no, we bought her in 2011. my grandfather had a lambretta {in the polaroid, my mother and her cousin with my grandpa's lambretta}, as many people in the '60s, but he sold her when he bought a car.

how fast does she go?
maximum speed is 90 km/h. but usually, being two {who don't feel like crashing}, our average speed is 50-60 km/h

how many km do you do in one day?
as long as we can handle :)
normally we try to not go over 250 km per day. and we take a lot of coffee breaks.

does your back hurt?
it happens, when we overdo :)

do you ride during winter?
we usually ride regularly from march to the end of october. from november to february, we took her out of the garage every now and then, but only for quick maintenance rides.

what's the farthest you've gone?
so far, to Sarajevo and back.

what's the difference between vespa and lambretta?
vespa is (still) made by Piaggio, and lambretta was made by Innocenti. so, it's like a canon vs nikon situation. one of the most relevant differences is that lambretta's engine is located in the center of the scooter, while it is on the right side of vespas. this makes the lambretta more stable.
lambretta is also made of many parts, while vespas are built in a simpler way. in the end, that was one of the reasons why, unlike Piaggio's, Innocenti's scooter production came to an end, and to the factory closure in 1972.
anyway, as well as Italy, lambrettas have been made also in Spain (Serveta), India (until 1998) and South America (Siambretta), using the original italian design.

is the engine original?
most of the components are.
the exhaust is new, with a double pipe.

is that the original color?
the 125 Li original model was not bicolor, the 150 Li model was. anyway, some dealerships used to make some bicolored 125 Li, cause they were more competitive on the market.
ours is one of them.

our two wheels adventures 

Marco and I like to use the lambretta in our everyday life, organize brief field trips in the surroundings, and sometimes embark on a bolder journey. so far, our road trips by lambretta have been to: 

we hope that many more will follow.

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  1. Love yout wood rear-rack, it's good for roadtrip.
    So i didn't see the 3rd tire on your Lammy? You don't need to use it?

  2. Sugoi desu ne Lambretta

  3. fantastic read ,my friend writes a blog all about lambretta`s it`s called the lambrettista ,I `m sure he`d be interested in sharing your adventures

    1. thank you! I know the lambrettista blog very well :)


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