as you may know, Italy is divided into 20 regions. Veneto is one of them, located in the northeast.

i’m deeply in love with this land, and i never tire of praising its beauty, which resides in a stunning variety: mountains {the Dolomites, UNESCO world heritage site}, art cities {Venice, Verona and Vicenza above all}, a wide countryside full of different stories and traditions, amazing historical villages, the lagoon, hills that look like a postcard, and so on. i think it can be considered as a very European and a very interesting part of Italy, as during centuries, it was ruled by Romans, invaded by northern barbarians, conquered by the Franks and the Byzantines, it was the heart of an independent territory for over a millennium, as the Republic of Venice, then annexed to the Austrian Empire and finally it has been part of Italy since 1866.

in this blog, i’m trying to show you the Veneto i love the most. for you, i’m playing the tourist in my own home, and here you can find a thematic list of my Venetian posts.

let’s start the journey from my favorite playground:

little towns  & countryside

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